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Well, I'm sitting here at my compy, eagerly awaiting 3 hours from now, when I will be leaving my house to head for the airport and, in turn, Europe. I will be in England and France, with a very very very slim chance of a stop in Ireland. While in England I will have internet access, so feel free to continue to email me and the like. Granted, I probably won't be on lj during my three-week absence, but hey. Deal with it. If anybody wants me to get anything for them, drop me an email - although if you want me to bring you something from France, please try to let me know sometime before the second week, as I will be in France then and have no internet connection.

On a sad note, I will still be in Europe when A-Kon rolls around, therefore I will not be attending this year. But, hey, I'm not going to complain. I'll take a trip to Europe. It works. And if anybody wants to buy me anything there, I wouldn't complain about that, either. *cough* ^__^;

Oh yes, and enough people have begged me to stay on lj, so... I guess you're just stuck with me. Ha! Deal with it.

I have a horrible feeling I'm forgetting something...

Just one last note before I go, for all those of you that saw the season finale of ALIAS this Sunday - y'know, just to totally bring your happy thoughts crashing down around you. (Granted, this is just a rumor, but I heard through a reliable enough source that it should be true.) Apparently Melissa George, aka Lauren Reed, has a contract for next season. So either she's going to have to somehow miraculously recover from 200+ bullet wounds and a nasty tumble down a mine shaft, or she's some sort of evil twin or something. Er... Evil-er twin, maybe. 'Cause, yeah, there's nothing non-evil about Lauren. >_> Oh yeah, and there's also a much less founded rumor - it's really more of a faint hope than anything else - that Lena Olin, aka Irina, aka Sydney's mom, is also returning next season. And the very thought of an Irina/Lauren team-up makes me salivate.

But, I should probably go now to try and get at least a little sleep before my big trip, so... Until three weeks from now. ^__^

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