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Wow. Sorry for letting my journal languish away in LJ-limbo like that. The good news is, now that I've come down with a severe case of insomnia, I'll probably be able to update much more. Of course, they'll probably be a bunch of incomprehensible gibberish caused by sleep-induced hysteria. I can see it now:

"Dude, the weasels were jumping up and down in the barley butter, but then the cupcakes stole my pogo stick. And then... AHA! BEANS!

But no matter. Those pandas'll come crawling back the first time their check bounces. Yeah. Hah. I can get on just fine without 'em. I bet they're in league with the grapefruit anyway.

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Current Music: Pickled Herring!"

Then again, that sounds like about 98% of my posts anyway.

Oh well.

I've gotta go now, but I'll update later in the week with more stuff. Honestly. What? Why are you laughing like that?

~The Minno
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I apologise for my prolonged absence from the LJ-ness, but I was sick for about a week and a half with a weird colon infection thing. And then, as soon as I got better, my mom got sick, so I was taking care of her.... And then as soon as she got better I got sick again. X__x I think I'm better now, although the cold medicine prevents me from being totally sure. All I know is that I've slept for about 3 days straight now. Oi.

Anyway, what's new in my life? Um... I've only got one and a half chapters to finish before I graduate, if you don't include the novel reading. On the whole, I should graduate about mid-October. I have two new PJ Harvey songs, so that's a w00t. And I just turned 18 on Friday, which has caused me no end of sadness. I already have far too much responsibility as it is. *sigh* Ah, to be five again. That'd be nice. Bouncing several ideas around in my head, both musically and... Hopefully at least a few of those will pan out, although it could be the meds talking. Meh.

Oh well. I should go, we're about to go pick my dad up from the airport; he's coming home from NYC today.

~The Minno
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