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I'm back... WITH A VENGANCE!!!

Actually, I'm back with a sinus headache and muscle pain. But vengance sounds so much cooler. >_>

So, hello. I'm still alive, though my body seems bound and determined to kill me with various sicknesses. Seriously, I haven't been well since I turned 18. It's just my body's special way of saying, "Hah! You suck!" X_x

Well, I just came to say my dorkiness has reached a whole new apex. Though I suppose that's blindingly obvious. Oh, and I just posted the first chapter of my first fanfic... thing. Yah. It's here; give it luff, or hate, or whatever.

Count all the cheesy 60's pop culture references in the author's notes and win a cookie!

~The Minno

Edit: I fixed the link. It works now. Seriously. >_> <_< Whaaat?
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