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Just a quick note -- The Gormenghast Novels are absolutely amazing. I'm surprised more people haven't heard of them. If Charles Dickens, Oscar Wilde, Tim Burton, and Hayao Miyazaki got together and wrote a gothic-tinged fantasy novel, then it would be Gormenghast.

Yes, it's that awesome.

Plus, Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Steerpike. I've only read three sentences about him so far, but I know that he will be PERFECT.

And with that... I'm gonna finish this chapter.

~The Minno

EDIT: "'Gallstones!' and in the dimness he flung his arms apart so that the buttons of his tunic were torn away, one of them whizzing across the room and stunning a cockroach on the opposite wall." That sentence owns on so many levels....

Also, I would like to begin shouting "Gallstones!" at the top of my lungs at random intervals. You know, just to see peoples' reactions.


<_< What?
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I felt that I should update. For... some reason. O_O But duuude is my brain frazzled lately. I've been like, "I should update my journal." And then my brain stalls, and I'm all, "Dude! Brain! Think of something!" and my brain just goes, "Durrrr... Thog likes puppies."

Aha! Thought of something!

I got four new CDs. Words cannot express the sheer awesomeness that is Bjork's Selmasongs, Dead Can Dance's Memento, Frank Black & the Catholics' Show Me Your Tears, and Muse's Origins of Symmetry. Out of the four, I'd say the latter two are the most impressive. Frank Black is like... The Old 97's, Portishead, Concrete Blonde, and the Pixies all in one, and Muse is, as always, one of the most sonically amazing groups I've had the pleasure of laying ears on.

Pardon me a moment while I hyperventilate over the greatness that is Muse. If you don't care to read it, feel free to skip this paragraph. The song Micro Cuts is worth the full price of the album, in my opinion -- his falsetto brings actual pain to my vocal chords. I actually thought it was a guitar at one point, except that I know that guitars don't breathe; [ profile] bluebirdgirl literally melted out of her chair with the awesome. And Megalomania? That's my new song to listen to while I write scenes involving Cojiro (or other miscellaneous evil, insane bishies). Plug In Baby, while having a title that gives me a very humorous mental picture about electrically operated infants, has a chorus that sounds uncannily like Placebo's This Picture, and Space Dementia includes piano playing that would probably make my fingers fall off. Seriously, you guys? It's the best. (a la Homestar) I suppose I have to give credit where it's due and thank [ profile] decemberfish for making me buy it, or else I probably would have ended up with either Dressy Bessy or Hot Hot Heat instead.

Also, is it just me, or do some of the songs by the Hourly Radio sound remarkably like something by Gackt? Maybe it's just me, but I can't help but think I've heard "Lost + Found" somewhere before. Somewhere Japanese. And... Gackt-ish. Yeees.

On another note entirely, I've been working on my original story a lot more lately. A little of the actual writing, but mostly thinking about the plot, characters, cultures, etc. And I've realized I have a problem of the not small variety. Taja is one of the most important characters in the story, but... for some reason, I can never seem to be able to give her a personality. She just always winds up seeming so flat and cliche. I think I've improved her a little, but I've reached a crossroads, and I can't seem to figure out which fork I should take in developing her character. She either needs to be completely amoral and a bit of a trouble maker, or somebody with such strongly developed principles that she leans a bit towards the self-righteous side. They both fit in certain ways, but... argh. I just don't know. And as she gets introduced pretty soon, I don't have much time to deliberate. Eet bogglez ze mind. Oh well.

Well, I should probably get to sleep now. Blargh.

~The Minno
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Okay, just one quick thing.

Spider-man 2 = T3H GR347N355!!!!!

That, and Portishead totally rawks my socks. And Bjork. And Evanescence. And Gackt. And J-rock in general. And Garbage. And 30 Seconds to Mars. And Tori Amos. And Poe. And... *rambles*

~The Minno
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So, it's about 12:30 AM when my mom bursts into my room, jarring me from beautiful beautiful sleep, and says, "Oh, don't mind me. I'm just going to clean your bathroom!" And then she proceeded to do just that, which wouldn't bother me in the least under normal circumstances. It's just that I don't view 12:30 AM as prime shower-scrubbing time. Actually, to tell you the truth, it didn't really bother me so much as amused me. Not to mention slightly unnerved me, seeing as how this was not normal mommy behaviour. Of course, my mom does have a certain spontaneous streak that surfaces once in a while. For instance, I came home from school one day to find that she had painted two thirds of the house yellow; she claimed the sole purpose was, "the mood struck her." Let's just say there's never a dull moment. ^^;

I love my parents. My crazy, crazy parents.... XD

On a different note entirely, I have noticed some alarming trends in livejournal. For instance:

1) I am the only person that has "kite/blackrose" listed as an interest? What's up with that?! I even checked for "kite x blackrose," only to come up with absolutely no results. Come on, there's got to be a lot more people than just me who are interested in that pairing! They're just too right for there not to be! Yaaaargh! >_<

2) And another thing - there's a community dedicated to Rikku but not for Paine? Must take measures to rectify. Immediately. If I wasn't so lazy I'd start my own community dedicated to the lurvliness that is Paine. Maybe I will one of these days... but until then I'll just whine and brood and angst and get all emo. Hah. That'll teach 'em. >D

There's more, but those are the two most egregious problems, in my opinion. So now, I suppose I'll leave you all with some words of wisdom from Groucho Marx:

"Just remember my little cabbage, if there weren't any closets, there wouldn't be any hooks; and if there weren't any hooks, there wouldn't be any fish; and that would suit me fine."

-The Minno


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