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I wanted to rant about a few issues I've been having with my story. (Tangentially, I have decided that, when I need to prattle on about my various projects, or rant about some aspect of writing or some such, that I shall do it here. That way, neither of my journals get neglected! :D Huzzah!)

Issue #1) I need handcuffs. Not the kind you'd get at a fetish shop or anything, either, but real, official police handcuffs. I need to conduct a few experiments for an upcoming scene in my story -- namely, a fight breaks out, and one of my characters is in handcuffs, so what exactly can she do? What can't she do? Can she move in this certain way? Could she pull off that certain stunt? Can she do this without breaking her wrists? And so on. The scene isn't imminent or anything, so the need isn't particularly pressing, I suppose, but I've been trying to work this scene out in my head for a while now, and it'd be nice just to have the added reference.

Issue #2) The opening scene is a flashback; the hero's father is instructing him in the ways of being hero-y. Their discussion is supposed to be thematically significant, especially to the first chapter, and I was wanting to set a sort of melancholy, philosophical mood (which will be shattered when I fast forward to the present and immediately thrust the reader straight into the mayhem of a grudge-filled ninja battle *gleeful cackle* >D), perhaps outlining the differences between revenge and redemption or the importance of forgiveness, empathy, and understanding. Unfortunately, I am not in the most philosophical of moods right now (my brain keeps saying, "Enough thinking and sensitive hippie crap! I want mayhem! Danger! Stuff blowing up!" -- the hazards of watching Die Hard one too many times, I suppose). I want to get to the conflict; the gun battles and sword fights and acrobatic stunts, the bad guys that can phase through matter and carry big scythes, the near death scrapes. Or at least some intense, character-driven scene. There's plenty of those, too. So I'm staring at my laptop, kind of going, "buh..." the whole time, while I write nothing, because I can't make the philosophy come. And even if I could make it come, I can't come up with a reason why the discussion would be happening in the first place. It's a sleepy little village in the northern woods, and it's during the New Peace; there's not enough conflict going on to make a discussion on revenge and redemption either relevant or necessary. I know the talks had to happen, because Jarael was always destined for herodom and his father was aware of it and wanted to prepare him for it, as well as steer him away from making the same mistakes that he did. I just don't know how he managed to slip them in all subtle-like. But he did, 'cause he's crafty. Gah.

Issue number one was more just to let you know than anything (Why you needed to know, I'm not quite sure, but if you asked then there must have been some reason. What? You didn't ask? Oh, sorry then.), but number two, I'd actually like some real honest to goodness advice on. I am stumped. Anybody have some advice? It'll garner you a mention in my "Thank You"s, if nothing else. Not that anybody reads those, anyway. :P
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I felt that I should update. For... some reason. O_O But duuude is my brain frazzled lately. I've been like, "I should update my journal." And then my brain stalls, and I'm all, "Dude! Brain! Think of something!" and my brain just goes, "Durrrr... Thog likes puppies."

Aha! Thought of something!

I got four new CDs. Words cannot express the sheer awesomeness that is Bjork's Selmasongs, Dead Can Dance's Memento, Frank Black & the Catholics' Show Me Your Tears, and Muse's Origins of Symmetry. Out of the four, I'd say the latter two are the most impressive. Frank Black is like... The Old 97's, Portishead, Concrete Blonde, and the Pixies all in one, and Muse is, as always, one of the most sonically amazing groups I've had the pleasure of laying ears on.

Pardon me a moment while I hyperventilate over the greatness that is Muse. If you don't care to read it, feel free to skip this paragraph. The song Micro Cuts is worth the full price of the album, in my opinion -- his falsetto brings actual pain to my vocal chords. I actually thought it was a guitar at one point, except that I know that guitars don't breathe; [ profile] bluebirdgirl literally melted out of her chair with the awesome. And Megalomania? That's my new song to listen to while I write scenes involving Cojiro (or other miscellaneous evil, insane bishies). Plug In Baby, while having a title that gives me a very humorous mental picture about electrically operated infants, has a chorus that sounds uncannily like Placebo's This Picture, and Space Dementia includes piano playing that would probably make my fingers fall off. Seriously, you guys? It's the best. (a la Homestar) I suppose I have to give credit where it's due and thank [ profile] decemberfish for making me buy it, or else I probably would have ended up with either Dressy Bessy or Hot Hot Heat instead.

Also, is it just me, or do some of the songs by the Hourly Radio sound remarkably like something by Gackt? Maybe it's just me, but I can't help but think I've heard "Lost + Found" somewhere before. Somewhere Japanese. And... Gackt-ish. Yeees.

On another note entirely, I've been working on my original story a lot more lately. A little of the actual writing, but mostly thinking about the plot, characters, cultures, etc. And I've realized I have a problem of the not small variety. Taja is one of the most important characters in the story, but... for some reason, I can never seem to be able to give her a personality. She just always winds up seeming so flat and cliche. I think I've improved her a little, but I've reached a crossroads, and I can't seem to figure out which fork I should take in developing her character. She either needs to be completely amoral and a bit of a trouble maker, or somebody with such strongly developed principles that she leans a bit towards the self-righteous side. They both fit in certain ways, but... argh. I just don't know. And as she gets introduced pretty soon, I don't have much time to deliberate. Eet bogglez ze mind. Oh well.

Well, I should probably get to sleep now. Blargh.

~The Minno
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Dude, I swear, I'm the biggest dork of a writer EVAR! I'm working on a storyline, and I find myself adopting the same tactic every time I hit an impasse. And it's not very scientific, professional, or well-thought-out.

"Should this event happen before or after that event?" *flips coin* "Before!"

"Should this happen because of sabotage or outright attack?" *flips coin* "Sabotage it is!"

"Should I use major plot twist #1 or major plot twist #2?" *flips coin* "Looks like number two!"

"Should they head north or south?" *flips coin* "South, I guess!"

Geez. I am such teh lazy author. So much for deep thinking and symbolism.

~The Minno


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