Sep. 29th, 2004

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I apologise for my prolonged absence from the LJ-ness, but I was sick for about a week and a half with a weird colon infection thing. And then, as soon as I got better, my mom got sick, so I was taking care of her.... And then as soon as she got better I got sick again. X__x I think I'm better now, although the cold medicine prevents me from being totally sure. All I know is that I've slept for about 3 days straight now. Oi.

Anyway, what's new in my life? Um... I've only got one and a half chapters to finish before I graduate, if you don't include the novel reading. On the whole, I should graduate about mid-October. I have two new PJ Harvey songs, so that's a w00t. And I just turned 18 on Friday, which has caused me no end of sadness. I already have far too much responsibility as it is. *sigh* Ah, to be five again. That'd be nice. Bouncing several ideas around in my head, both musically and... Hopefully at least a few of those will pan out, although it could be the meds talking. Meh.

Oh well. I should go, we're about to go pick my dad up from the airport; he's coming home from NYC today.

~The Minno
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